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Pictured: Married pastor, 35, shot dead by the trooper who set out to save him from rising flood water as distraught wife demands answers

  • Nehemiah Fischer, 35, was fatally shot by an Oklahoma Highway Patrolman who was trying to rescue him and his brothers from floodwaters on Friday 
  • Police hold that the brothers attacked the two troopers, but Fischer's wife, Laura, says the men would never do that
  • Laura says she wants to see any dash cam footage that would shed light on the situation 
  • The two troopers involved have not been named or placed on administrative leave as of Sunday 
  • Fischer was an assistant pastor at a church in Tulsa and owned a construction company 

Kentucky police shipped mentally ill inmate to Florida by Greyhound bus — then charged him with escape

Defying a court order to take a mentally ill inmate to a state hospital for observation, a Kentucky police chief bought a one-way ticket to Florida for the man, sending him on a 28-hour bus ride, only to have the state extradite him back by saying he escaped.
According to investigation by the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting, Carrollton Police Chief Michael Willhoite spent $18 of his own money to rid himself of 31-year-old Adam Horine, instead of following a judge’s order to send him to Eastern State Hospital in Lexington for a thorough psychiatric assessment.
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Cops Called for Help in Flood Rescue, Shoot and Kill Assistant Pastor in Need of Assistance

Tulsa, Oklahoma -Details are sparse right now, since the police control all of the information, but it was reported this week that Oklahoma highway patrol troopers shot and killed a man while on a rescue call during a flood.
This weekend, police received a call about a truck that was stuck in a flood, but instead of helping, they ending up killing someone.
Areas of the south and mid-west have recently been experiencing unprecedented flooding, and the victims of this police attack were among many people who became trapped in floodwaters.
When police arrived on the scene, there were reportedly two men who wanted help with their truck but the police officers told them to leave their truck and evacuate the area. The men allegedly gave some argument, claiming that they would be able to solve their problem quickly with some help if the police would allow them to or lend a hand.
The officers claim that one of the men tried to attack him because he asked them to leave the vehicle.


Jade Helm Official Reveals True Purposes of JH-15: This Is a Must Read!

Finally, we are getting some much needed honesty with regard to the true nature of Jade Helm. The information is not overtly forthcoming, but in this clumsily made presentation to local Texas officials, one can pretty much ascertain the true nature of the drill, that is, if one can get around the obvious lies being told to the public by this Jade Helm official.
The Jade Helm official, Tom Meade, a Senior Non-commissioned officer from Army Special Forces (Retired) is now working as a private military contractor and he recently briefed local officials in Big Spring, Texas as to the purposes and the scope of the Jade Helm exercise.
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Judge disqualifies all 250 prosecutors in Orange County, CA because of widespread corruption

Between San Diego and Los Angeles is Orange County, California. With more than 3 million residents, it's larger than 21 states. If Orange County were a separate country, its economy would be the 45th largest in the world. Now known for Disneyland, the county may soon be known for having one of the most corrupt justice systems in the world. The width and depth and duration of the corruption truly boggles the mind. A case that should've been open and shut has blown the lid off some deep secrets.
On October 12, 2011, Orange County experienced the deadliest mass killing in its modern history. Scott Dekraai killed 8 people, including his ex-wife, in a Seal Beach beauty salon. He was arrested wearing full body armor just a few blocks away. Without a doubt, Dekraai was the perpetrator. A dozen surviving witnesses saw him. He admitted to the shooting early on. Yet, nearly four years later, the case against him has all but fallen apart.
It turns out that prosecutors and police officers committed an egregious violation of Dekraai's rights—so much so that Superior Court Judge Thomas Goethals shocked everyone and removed the Orange County District Attorney's Office, and all 250 prosecutors, from having anything more to do with the case.

Stunning Photos Show Scope Of 105,000-Gallon Oil Spill On California’s Coast


Saturday, May 30, 2015

Child sex abuse claims shake UN as revelations continue

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — The boys said they approached the French soldiers because they were hungry. Some were so young that they didn't quite understand the acts the soldiers demanded in return. One boy, 8 or 9 years old, said he did it several times to the same soldier, "until one day an older kid saw him and told him what he was doing was bad."
Another boy, 9, said he thought the soldiers had been urinating.
United Nations investigators heard such stories of sexual abuse from several boys in May and JuneE 2014 in Central African Republic, where French soldiers were protecting a sprawling displaced persons camp in the conflict-torn capital, Bangui.
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Stunning New Revelations on $50 Bill | Hoover Dam | Nephilim

Ex-Police Chief Who Molested Adopted Children Gets Only 50 Days In Prison

What started as a tragically common report of a missing teenager, turned out to be a far more sinister saga with a conclusion so bereft of justice, it attests to all but irrefutable proof of law enforcement impunity. In case after case, incidents of undeniable police brutality and murder become opportunities for public victim-blaming; and when no punishment is wrought on the perpetrators, that blame turns to self-righteous indignation. Because law enforcement is infallible, right?
A 13-year-old boy was reported missing the evening of November 5, 2012 in Habersham County Georgia, but when located the following morning, authorities quickly realized he wasn’t another disgruntled runaway. Sheriff Joey Terrell discovered marks and bruising on the boy’s neck and back inconsistent with spending one night outdoors, and the teen subsequently explained they were the result of being “hit on” at home. After child welfare advocates interviewed the boy, authorities were dispatched to arrest his mother, father, and 17-year-old sister.
“The statement from the parents was that his sister hit him with a ruler and that’s why he left [home],” explained the Sheriff, and so Jamie Lynn Burton was “charged with aggravated assault, cruelty to children in the second degree and terroristic threats and acts.” Richard Scott Burton, his father, who was 49 at the time, was initially charged with four counts of cruelty to children in the second degree and obstruction, and his mother Cheryle Lynn Burton, 50 at the time of arrest, faced four counts of cruelty to children in the second degree as well as influencing a witness. All other siblings were then placed in state custody with the help of the Dept of Children and Family Services. As more sickening details emerged, it quickly became apparent the initial charges were wholly inadequate.
“As they went through counseling, they opened up,” Terrell said. Indeed they did.

Prospects Improve For Pit Bull Whose Mouth Was Taped Shut

Caitlin is a 15-month-old pit bull found in North Charleston, South Carolina on Wednesday morning with her mouth taped shut.
The tape, which may have been there for as long as two days before Caitlin was discovered, was so tight that it cut off circulation to the dog's tongue. It wasn't clear at first whether she would live.
Dr. Lucy Fuller, veterinarian for the Charleston Animal Society, which assumed Caitlin's care, said in a statement on Thursday that the dog's condition was "critical, and her prognosis is guarded."
On Friday, Caitlin's prospects seemed better, Charleston Animal Society spokeswoman Kay Hyman told The Huffington Post.

Outrage as chimpanzees used for vaccine tests could die from starvation on Liberian island after American research center pulls funding

  • New York Blood Center used chimps for experiments starting in 1970s
  • Research ended in 2005, but center still supported the animals until March
  • Primates now fed less as caretakers work without pay on Liberian island
  • Center says $30,000 needed per month is government's responsibility
  • Jane Goodall says center has 'moral obligation to continue to care for them'

Jade Helm’s Role in the 90% Reduction in US Population As Predicted By the CIA and the Obama Administration

The Internet is filled with revelations of how the global elite want to depopulate humanity by 90%. Landmarks such as the Georgia Guidestones are at the top of the evidence list for proof of this agenda. There is an emerging body of evidence that the Georgia Guidestones are a correct representation of this idea.

How does Jade Helm factor into the plans of the global elite and their desire to reduce the global population by 90%? Jade Helm will be the new national police force which will usher America into it new and very ominous and new era.
Where one finds a bold new initiative related to the plans of the global elite, one will also find documentation arising from various think tank organizations in support of these goals.

The Hunger Games: New CBS reality show exploits poor families by making them grovel for $101,000

As if to prove there are new depths to be plumbed in the world of reality television (because who knew?), CBS just debuted The Briefcase, a show which takes poverty porn, class anxiety, emotional manipulation and exploitation and packages them all neatly into a pretty despicable hour of primetime television. Kicking off each episode with the question, “What would you do with $101,000?” the show then deep-dives into a competition that asks two unwitting, financially strapped families to choose between two no-win options: being financially solvent yet appearing heartless and greedy, or drowning in debt yet having audiences recognize them as selfless and giving.

College student who grew up in foster care posts heartbreaking Craiglist ad seeking to 'rent' a family to celebrate her 20th birthday

  • College student Natalie Carson, 19, posted ad on Craigslist a few days ago
  • Westminster, Colorado, teen grew up without parents and wasn't adopted 
  • Was with a family in Georgia but was abused and returned to foster care 
  • Wrote that her biological parents also abused her so they aren't an option 
  • Carson is willing to pay $8 an hour for the privilege of 'renting' a family
  • Has gotten over 1,000 responses from families across the country - but is talking to one in particular 

Selling Off Apache Holy Land

ABOUT an hour east of Phoenix, near a mining town called Superior, men, women and children of the San Carlos Apache tribe have been camped out at a place called Oak Flat for more than three months, protesting the latest assault on their culture.
Three hundred people, mostly Apache, marched 44 miles from tribal headquarters to begin this occupation on Feb. 9. The campground lies at the core of an ancient Apache holy place, where coming-of-age ceremonies, especially for girls, have been performed for many generations, along with traditional acorn gathering. It belongs to the public, under the multiple-use mandate of the Forest Service, and has had special protections since 1955, when President Dwight D. Eisenhower decreed the area closed to mining — which, like cattle grazing, is otherwise common in national forests — because of its cultural and natural value. President Richard M. Nixon’s Interior Department in 1971 renewed this ban.

Had the Beautiful Mind just done its finest work? Mathematician Nash told friends he had devised an equation to replace Einstein’s famous theory just DAYS before he died in car crash

  • John Forbes Nash Jr. was killed with his wife in a car crash on May 23
  • He told friend he'd discovered replacement equation for Einstein theory
  • Mathematician Cédric Villani said he would 'look into' Nash's work

Hillary Clinton Murders and Mayhem list...

So this is who wants to be the Leader of the Free World. A woman mixed up in the Murder and Mayhem.
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Rock Star Admits He’s Been to Snuff Parties Where People Are Murdered For Fun

Innocent Man Fights Against Police Aggression, The Taser Made Him Stronger [VIDEO]

Jacob Less, ‘the king of the hobos,’ is said to be a homeless man who got caught up with the police one night. Two officers held him on the ground and tried to handcuff him, but failed to do that.
It is unclear what Jacobs had done but he kept saying he had done nothing to merit the arrest. Jacob appeared to be a poet or a preacher, as he read from the Bible and said his master is Yahweh (God) and that he is not the property of the police. He kept repeating this many times.
When he asked about his offense that would warrant an arrest, the police refused to tell him why they were arresting him and in turn, Jacob refused to acknowledge their (illegitimate) authority over him.

Denny Hastert is Contemptible, But His Indictment Exemplifies America’s Over-Criminalization Pathology

Bush-era House Speaker Denny Hastert, who was indicted yesterday, is a living, breathing embodiment of everything sleazy and wrong with U.S. politics. That is highlighted not only by his central role in enabling every War on Terror excess, but also by this fact:
Hastert’s ability to make such large cash payments probably came from his career as a K Street lobbyist. He entered Congress in 1987 with a net worth of no more than $270,000 and then exited worth somewhere between $4 million and $17 million, according to congressional disclosure documents.
That common arc is more of an indictment of U.S. political culture than Hastert himself, but he’s certainly been happily and hungrily feeding at the trough. A political system that essentially ensures that every powerful political official becomes extremely rich is one that is inherently corrupt — as we’ve been taught for decades about those Bad Other Countries — and that is the most interesting and most important part of this story.
But Hastert was not indicted for any of that. Nor was he indicted for the alleged, unspecified “past misconduct” against an unnamed person to whom he agreed to pay $3.5 million to keep concealed.
Instead, Hastert was indicted for two alleged felonies: 1) withdrawing cash from his bank accounts in amounts and patterns designed to hide the payments; and 2) lying to the FBI about the purpose of those withdrawals once they detected them and then inquired with him. That’s it. For those venial acts, he faces five years in a federal prison on each count.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Want to Feed the Homeless? That Will Be $400, Please

Homelessness in the U.S. is continuing to skyrocket, despite what the government would like us to believe.
And if you want to help your fellow Americans who are in need, well…there is a price to be paid.
You see, the government isn’t going to just LET you go out and feed hungry folks. Nope. Like pretty much ANYTHING else in this country, that will require a permit, and permits aren’t cheap.
The good people of a non-profit organization found this out the hard way.
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Homelessness in the U.S. is continuing to skyrocket, despite what the government would like us to believe.
And if you want to help your fellow Americans who are in need, well…there is a price to be paid.
You see, the government isn’t going to just LET you go out and feed hungry folks. Nope. Like pretty much ANYTHING else in this country, that will require a permit, and permits aren’t cheap.
The good people of a non-profit organization found this out the hard way.
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Government moves to suspend disability payments to many in Eastern Kentucky, citing suspected fraud

The federal government has moved to suspend disability payments to some people in Eastern Kentucky whose cases were handled by Floyd County attorney Eric C. Conn, citing suspected fraud by Conn and doctors whom his clients often consulted.
Attorneys familiar with the issue said it was possible that several hundred people received suspension notices from the Social Security Administration.
Losing benefits will cause serious financial hardship for families, said Lexington attorney Mark Wohlander, who has been consulted about the suspension letters.
"Who's going to put food on the table for these people?" he said Tuesday.
The loss of benefits also will hurt the area because federal disability payments make up a considerable piece of the economy in some counties.

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Exposed: Videos Show Oregon Timber Workers Sprayed with Toxic Chemicals

A whistleblower has released over 200 videos from a 17-day job on an herbicide spray crew in Oregon. They document helicopters raining down the toxic chemicals directly on workers, as well as leaky trucks carrying the weed killers, and windshields covered in milky hazardous poisons.

Hillary tipped murdered ambassador's movements in emails

In the year prior to the deadly 2012 Benghazi attack, Hillary Clinton used her private email server to correspond about such highly sensitive national security matters as specific threats to the Libya hotel where Ambassador Chris Stevens was staying as well as his decision to remain at the hotel despite the threats.
The emails, released May 22 by the State Department, also contained the exact movements of Stevens while he was stationed in arguably one of the most dangerous zones in the world for any American diplomat, a WND review has found.
On April 24, 2011, Clinton’s senior aide, Huma Abedin, forwarded to Clinton’s personal email an internal State email from that same day written by Timmy Davis and sent to Abedin as well as to the State email addresses of other employees, including Clinton’s then-foreign policy aide, Jacob Sullivan.
The email cited a local report stating hotels in Benghazi were being targeted.


I Spent a Day with a Speed Dealer

He puts a few lines on a worn-down CD case that's obviously had its fair share of speed chopped up on it.
"I stopped liking coke a while ago. People aren't after that kind of hit anymore, they're after something more exciting. Speed has become really popular again," he continues while filling a bunch of little blue and yellow bags with amphetamine.
"Each bag weights exactly one gram—no more, no less. That includes the bag's own weight. You have to weigh the stuff in the bag or else the scale will end up encrusted in powder residue."
Jon is a speed dealer who lives in a small village close to Bilbao, Spain. "Speed has always been popular here. I remember before I went to jail there was at least one guy per bar selling the stuff. I'm only ever at this one bar these days. People trust me because they know my speed is much better quality than the other shit people are selling. They don't even care that it's moist."
After packing his bags, he says that he will be going down to the bar he frequents and asks if I want to tag along. Curious as to how a run of the mill night looks for a man in his line of work, I decide to do just that.

Residents Concerned After Screams Of Starving Inmates were Captured on Video

Lancaster, Pennsylvania – Residents that live nearby the Lancaster County Prison have been disturbed by screams coming from the institution in recent weeks. Large numbers of prisoners have been screaming through the windows about how they are hungry and how they are being starved. Some residents have even recorded these occurrences, and a local news crew got it on camera as well.
News crew WGAL sat outside of the prison walls one evening to hear prisoners screaming “We’re hungry!” and “We’re locked down 23 hours a day. They treat us like animals!”
In response to the situation, the prison has made very few comments, saying only that the inmates who are caught screaming out the windows will have their windows shut, and that the inmates are over-reacting and are not actually starving.
However, Jean Bickmire, president of Have a Heart for Persons in the Criminal Justice System says that closing the windows during the summer time could be dangerous for the inmates, “because it’s getting hot, and there isn’t any ventilation.”


New York Times Forced to Report How Dismemberment Abortions “Slice and Crush” an Unborn Baby

Article Here:

Massive Protest Planned Over Dozens of Innocent Twin Peaks Bikers, Held on $1 Million Bonds

Waco, TX — If there is anything we know about the Waco biker brawl that occurred earlier this month, it’s that the public is largely in the dark about what actually went on that day.
The original narrative put out by the Mainstream Media stated a fight broke out at the Twin Peaks and spilled into a parking lot. Police said that the bikers began shooting at each other and then at the police, who were forced to return fire.
However, there is another side to this story which few people have heard.


Desperate Indians resort to drinking onion juice as killer heat wave which has now left 1,800 dead continues to ravage the country and spark droughts

  • More than 100 died of dehydration and heat stroke on Thursday alone
  • Thousands of water tankers are delivering supplies to 4,000 villages
  • Impoverished farmers reporting scorched crops and dying wildlife
  • Experts warn searing temperatures will last at least another two days 

Reward offered to find the monster who bound stray dog's jaw shut so tight with duct tape that she may lose her tongue

  • Caitlyn was discovered with her mouth taped shut on Wednesday
  • The Staffie mix may have been in agony for up to two days 36 and 48 hours long, according to Animal Society officials
  • Veterinarian Dr. Lucy Fuller said 'A large part of her tongue may need to be removed surgically if the tissue dies from the lack of blood flow'
  • 'Life-threatening complications' are also a possibility for the injured pooch, Fuller said  

Desperate Florida woman asks police to help her suicidal boyfriend and they tell her to leave room then shoot him dead

  • Justin Way, 28, was recovering alcoholic who relapsed after losing his job
  • Girlfriend found him drunk, threatening suicide and called police for help
  • Hoped he would be hospitalized but cops shot him dead with assault rifles
  • Deputies claim he threatened them but Way's parents believe he was killed while lying in bed

Report: Teens Leaving Foster Care More Likely to See Jail than Graduation

Health Impact News Editor Comments
Here is another local news source investigating the failures of the foster care system. They do a great job of identifying the problem, but sadly offer no solutions. The solution is to abolish the program and stop kidnapping children away from their parents to begin with, and allow local communities to deal with what would be the few remaining cases where children are left behind after their parent or parents were convicted of a crime and incarcerated.
- See more at:
Health Impact News Editor Comments
Here is another local news source investigating the failures of the foster care system. They do a great job of identifying the problem, but sadly offer no solutions. The solution is to abolish the program and stop kidnapping children away from their parents to begin with, and allow local communities to deal with what would be the few remaining cases where children are left behind after their parent or parents were convicted of a crime and incarcerated.
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SoT Ep 31 – Gerald Celente: “To Pee Or Not To Pee”

You don’t have a clue what’s going on in Government and neither do the American people because if they did there’d be a revolution in this country.  – John Connolly (Secretary of Navy under Kennedy, Secretary of Treasury under Nixon, Governor of Texas) to Gerald Celente, 1992
You don’t have a clue what’s going on in Government and neither do the American people because if they did there’d be a revolution in this country.  – John Connolly (Secretary of Navy under Kennedy, Secretary of Treasury under Nixon, Governor of Texas) to Gerald Celente, 1992 - See more at:

Jade Helm: The Psy Op

Jay Dyer
21st Century Wire

For most consumers of alternative news and media, the lineup of the players constitutes the tyrants and their systemic control, and the enlightened underground, with both sides fighting the great battle of winning the hearts and minds of the rest of the public. 
For the alternative news and information community, the possibility of large-scale psychological operations within alternative media itself are generally outside the spectrum of the possible. 

Indeed, crowds today are sill cheering on Assange and his Vaudeville Whistleblower Roadshow with Bradley-Chelsea Manning, and more recently, finding themselves intellectually snowed-in by our last hero, Snowden.

Enter Jade Helm…

Nuclear Disaster in Fukushima and Death of the Pacific Ocean

The Guardian starts out a terrible tale saying, “The waters of the Pacific off the coast of California are a clear, shimmering blue today, so transparent it’s possible to see the sandy bottom below. Viewing the ocean from the state’s famous craggy headlands, it’s impossible to know that the ocean’s unusual clarity is hiding a cruel beauty: clear water is a sign that the ocean is turning into a desert, and the chain reaction that causes that bitter clarity is perhaps most obvious on the beaches of the Golden State, where thousands of emaciated sea lion pups are stranded.”

State Legislators Reconsider Forfeiture Laws That Turn Cops Into Robbers

When the cops raided Ginnifer Hency’s home in Smiths Creek, Michigan, last July, “they took everything,” she told state legislators on Tuesday, including TV sets, ladders, her children’s cellphones and iPads, even her vibrator. They found six ounces of marijuana and arrested Hency for possession with intent to deliver, “even though I was fully compliant with the Michigan medical marijuana laws,” which means “I am allowed to possess and deliver.” Hency, a mother of four with multiple sclerosis, uses marijuana for pain relief based on her neurologist’s recommendation. She also serves as a state-registered caregiver for five other patients.

Committing Treason and Benghazi Murder Cover-up

"If you link Watergate and Iran-Contra together and multiply it times maybe 10 or so,
you’re going to get in the zone where Benghazi is." Steve King
- See more at:
"If you link Watergate and Iran-Contra together and multiply it times maybe 10 or so,
you’re going to get in the zone where Benghazi is." Steve King
- See more at:

Obama Hosts Q&A Session, Americans Ask Him Why He Sucks

President Barack Obama hosted a question and answer session on Twitter Thursday, and the questions he received, when pieced together, form the tapestry of Obama’s failed presidency.
Well, Obama was a failure for the America people; when it comes to the global elite who put him into power, the president has been a tremendous success in their plan to dismantle the U.S.

Meet Some Of The Children Who Died In Los Angeles Because The City's Child Protection System Is Broken

Between 2008 and 2011, more than seventy children who passed through the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services have died due to child abuse or neglect. Many of the lives and deaths of these children have been rigorously documented by Los Angeles Times reporter Garrett Therolf and by the paper’s invaluable Homicide Report blog.
Spurred at last into action by the death in 2013 of a third-grade boy, Gabriel Fernandez, who was tortured to death by his mother and her boyfriend in Palmdale despite at least six child abuse claims logged against the boy’s mother with DCFS, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors assembled a Blue Ribbon Commission to come up with a series of sweeping reforms for the child welfare agency. Preliminary recommendations coming out of the Commission at the end of December included hiring hundreds more social workers, yanking up the standards of training, and constructing a cross-agency database so social workers could more adequately check medical and criminal files of foster parents. There was even mention of a child welfare czar, a single public administrator anointed with the power to impose reforms across agencies. County Supervisors assured the media and public that they were prepared to implement wide scale changes.
And then at a meeting of the Board of Supervisors, it seems as if the urgency—and money—to take on the Commission’s “life-saving” reforms has dried up. The Commission’s calls for immediate action on their preliminary recommendations were met with phrases like “cost neutrality” and “economic feasibility” and “doing what is being recommended with existing resources.” Ultimately, the board only approved one of the Commission’s initial recommendations: to install a member of law enforcement at local DCFS offices to expedite background searches for emergency placement foster parents. They said they’d wait for a final report in April to consider the rest. The Commission, in turn, explained that the recommendations would not be changing for the final report.
Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas endorsed the Commission’s recommendation to have a nurse attend DCFS house visits that involve infants. And then the board voted against the motion, until further fiscal analysis could be made.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Jade Helm and the Stalinist Methods Being Used to Enslave America

Every successful revolution follows three stages: (1) Winning the hearts and minds of the people; (2) Resisting illegitimate authority through civil disobedience; and, (3) All out war.

America is being dragged into stage three by the occupation forces that have hijacked our government. Jade Helm is the manifestation of dragging America into a stage three confrontation before the people have had a chance to build a coalition through successfully completing the first two stages. This is the strategy that Stalin employed as he enslaved an entire nation and history is indeed repeating itself.

The False Flag Road to Martial Law & WW III Still Runs Through Chicago

It is no secret that the United States needs to unseat the ruling leadership in Iran if the dollar is going to survive in the short-term. Since 2012, the Obama administration has tried to create a means to get into Syria and then Iran and force a regime change. Why? Because Iran is selling oil for gold to the BRIC nations led by Russia. This action has led to much of the world moving away from the Petrodollar which formed the only backing for the U.S. dollar since we went off the gold standard.
The U.S. is on the verge of economic collapse and the only chance the Federal Reserve has to save itself is to start a war and put an end to the undermining of the Petrodollar. This is the reason that the CIA created ISIS. ISIS is moving into Syria and is providing Obama with an excuse to eventually take down Syria’s Assad and then go into Iran. However, Obama and the Federal reserve need an excuse and Assad and Iran must be made to look like the provocateur in order to promote acceptance of the coming war designed to save the Petrodollar. We know that ISIS has desperately been trying to obtain nuclear weapons. Things could get very ugly and very soon.
Here are the reasons tha that Chicago is likely a primary target for ISIS.

This Boy Killed Himself Because Of This Text. When I Saw What It Read, I Was SHATTERED!

Bullying is an emerging cause worldwide causing mental pressures and disorder in many people. Bullying is destroying lives of many teens and even adults. It has now aroused as an epidemic that’s tearing families apart and causing community uproar all across the nation. Bullying has also started resulting in death of many people as excessive bullying pushes one to depression and sometimes even triggers them to commit suicide.
In the vulnerable age, even simple words can affect teenagers in a huge way. A similar case occurred with Daniel Briggs too. A text message tumbled his whole life upside down.
Daniel was a normal high school boy who was interested in unique things that his friends found weird. He was not interested in sports or any other things that were deemed normal by today’s teenagers. That is the reason why Daniel was bullied every day in the school.

Open and Shut? Aurora Shooter James Holmes’ Notebook Released to the Public

What is being hailed as “the Aurora movie theater shooting’s most critical piece of evidence,” the 35-page notebook now marked People’s Exhibit #341 that accused shooter James Holmes allegedly mailed to his psychiatrist just prior to the July 20, 2012 attack has now been released in full to the public.
The entire manifesto is about a mentally ill person who was slowly emboldened to murder in part due to antidepressant medications and basically lays out a point-by-point slam dunk case (if, say, it had been written by a government who wants to take away people’s right to bear arms) as to why anyone who takes SSRIs should not be allowed to own or get anywhere near a gun (and even more specifically, AR-15s).
After diagnosing himself with 13 different disorders including schizophrenia, Holmes discusses how he was prescribed antidepressants — fast acting benzos and long lasting SSRIs (sertraline primarily) — and it was after that he had feelings of mania, or what he describes as “not good mania”.
Upon taking these drugs, Holmes says his fear and anxiety disappeared and his fear of failure was what drove his determination to improve. Without it, Holmes then wrote, “No fear of consequences.”
- See more at:

PA Residents Concerned after Hearing Screams from Nearby Prison

Residents of Lancaster, Pennsylvania have been hearing a rather disturbing chorus coming out of a nearby county prison. Inmates of the prison have been heard yelling and screaming out of the windows. Here’s what it sounds like. - See more at:
Residents of Lancaster, Pennsylvania have been hearing a rather disturbing chorus coming out of a nearby county prison. Inmates of the prison have been heard yelling and screaming out of the windows. Here’s what it sounds like. - See more at:

Seismic Event: Video of Genocide, Rape, Torture, & Dislocation of Germans by Allies Airs for First Time on BBC!

When the Second World War ended, the people of liberated Europe celebrated their freedom from Nazi tyranny. Their years of suffering had ended, but for millions of Germans, the end of the conflict opened a new and terrible chapter.
The Savage Peace reveals the appalling violence meted out to the defeated, especially to those ethnic Germans who had lived peacefully for centuries in neighbouring countries. Using rare and unseen archive film, the documentary tells a harrowing story of vengeance against German civilians, which mirrored some of the worst cruelty of the Nazi occupiers during the years of war. The Savage Peace includes the unique testimony of eyewitnesses and victims, who recall the horrors with searing clarity, theirmemories undimmed 70 years after the events took place. This a story that has, until now, been untold amidst the justified celebration of an end to an unspeakable tyranny. But as the writer George Orwell said, the treatment of the defeated Germans was a terrible crime that has gone unpunished.

May 26, 2015

As I'm looking through breaking news headlines, and seeing the continuous references to the extreme weather so concentrated over TX, and coupled with the continuous chemtrailing that happens throughout the US, I can't help but think that what is going on right now as part of the Jade Helm "exercize", could not actually be the domestic roll out of weather warfare on an ag[g]ressive scale. We know they can control the weather to at least some degree. We know that the chemtrailing over CA and in the Pacific modifies the jet stream to both keep CA dry and to force that precipitation east towards TX and other southern states. We know that Jade Helm is "pretending" that TX is a hostile enemy that must be engaged. The military is already rolling out across the state as part of this "drill". Why then, is it not reasonable to assume that as part of this "mock civil war drill" that they would not practice using the tools that they have in their arsenal? They used typhoons against the enemy in the Vietnam War, why would they not use this form of warfare against a domestic enemy as well? 

How Popular Music's Lyrics Perpetuate American Idiocy

A recent study served to confirm the patently obvious: song lyrics for the most popular genres of music are ridiculously obtuse — and getting worse over time. Though this might not be a revelation, the figures are distressing indicators of both an intellectually vapid societal and cultural future as well as its apparent inevitability.

If you’ve already moved away from Billboard music, congratulations, you refuse to be insulted. But if you haven’t, or if you’re concerned about pop culture trends acting as portents of systemic dysfunction, you should probably pay attention. Andrew Powell-Morse of SeatSmart studied the “Lyric Intelligence” of 225 Billboard songs in the Pop, Country, Hip-hop, and Rock genres that spent three or more weeks parked at the top of the charts to analyze any changes over the course of ten years. And change there was.

Medical holocaust: Psych drugs have killed more than 5 million people over the last 10 years

(NaturalNews) If every single person currently taking psychotropic medications or antidepressants were to be pulled off these deadly drugs and given a new, safer regimen instead, society would be much better off. This is the larger inference of a new review published in The BMJ (British Medical Journal), which found that more than half a million people in the West die every year from psych meds, which authors found have "minimal" benefits and a multitude of harmful side effects.

Monsanto, cocaine and Colombia's idiotic war on drugs

(NaturalNews) There's a vicious war taking place in South America, and the weapon of choice is none other than Monsanto's glyphosate herbicide, the primary active ingredient in the company's nefarious Roundup formula. Reports indicate that the Colombian government's foolish war on drugs, which in that country means actively fighting the cultivation of the coca plant (which is used to manufacture cocaine), involves spraying glyphosate and other deadly chemicals from aircraft in order to forcibly kill the plants.

Little-known to the rest of the world is the fact that glyphosate is right now being used in the same way as military machine guns to target and destroy nature in one of the most bio-diverse regions of the world. And in the process, thousands of indigenous Colombians are being exposed to a chemical that the World Health Organization (WHO) recently admitted is a "probable human carcinogen," meaning it causes cancer.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Chicago cop fired for posing with rifles in photo of black suspect dressed as a deer

  • One of the two officers, Timothy McDermott, was fired last year and a judge ordered the photo be unsealed by Chicago PD
  • The other officer in the photo is Jerome Finnigan, who's now in prison for his role in a crime scandal that rocked the CPD in 2011
  • McDermott is appealing his termination and his attorney cites 'strong evidence' the still-unidentified suspect was a willing participant

Gun Control Group Deceives Public by Hiring Paid Actors for “Hidden Camera Experiment” Anti-gun group also reportedly ignored gun laws in filming fake video

Paid actors posed as “potential gun buyers” who were “convinced” by a “gun store clerk” – also an actor – not to buy a firearm as part of an anti-gun group’s “experiment” designed to deceive the public.
It was previously known that the “clerk” in the “hidden camera experiment” produced by States United Against Gun Violence was an anti-gun activist actor, but a journalist recently discovered that all the “gun buyers” in the video were paid actors as well.
“That’s quite the ‘hidden camera social experiment’ when your [filming] permit is for ‘actors’ to be ‘interviewed,'” David Codrea of the Shooter’s Log reported, who filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for the filming permit.

Child Protection Service Launches Full Investigation Into The Duggar Family

It was announced today that the Arkansas Child Protective Services will be launching a full investigation into the home of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.  The investigation into the Duggar household was brought on by recent information regarding the Duggar’s eldest son Josh Duggar molesting 5 young girls including his sisters.
Controversy erupted 5 days ago when information regarding Josh Duggar’s involvement in the abuse of 5 young girls as a teenager was released to the public. The Duggar family has had the support of many, including GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, however many others are outraged by the eldest Duggar son’s actions. TLC has since announced the cancellation of the family’s long running reality show 19 Kids and Counting.
TLC is not the only organization that has frowned upon the recent Duggar scandal, the Arkansas division of child protective services has announced their intentions to launch a full investigation into the Duggar household and they have promised to uncover any current abuse within the home.

At WAR with Unconstitutional Michigan County and State

Yesterday I, (Ted Visner), was SERVED.
Isabella county Michigan, unable to formalize any legitimate criminal charges against me and unwilling and unable to defend itself against the criminal allegations I have levied against it, it’s alleged officials and it’s alleged sheriff department is now fraudulently moving to evict me from my property in Isabella county in another attempt to silence me after conducting a secret and fraudulent sheriff’s sale of my property at some point in November 2014.
Many of you already know that I have not made a mortgage payment on my property in over six years but may be unaware of the reasons behind that decision. Our loan was a partially funded construction loan that stopped funding when Countrywide went out of business. Countrywide had funded our construction loan to approximately 45% leaving our home approximately 45% complete and now subject to damage from the elements.
Countrywide claimed to have sold our construction loan to Bank of America and also claimed that BOA would fund the remainder for our home’s completion. Instead, Countrywide sold our loan to BOA as a fully conventional and fully conforming loan rather than the partially funded construction loan that it was, leaving us holding the bag with a partial home that we could not sell, refinance, insure or finish.


The Waco Massacre: Peaceful bikers rode into a killing field.

By Brooks Agnew
I was thinking of riding my Honda Shadow 1100  to Twin Peaks today to have some wings and enjoy the sports on TV on this gorgeous Memorial Day Weekend.  The sun was shining, and the temperature was a perfect 82 degrees.  I rode by the mall, with only moderate traffic and saw a couple of other bikers out doing the same thing I was doing; riding with no particular place to go.
I was riding alone and was not with any other bikers, but we always exchange the extended two-fingered peace sign as we pass one another on the roads winding through the countryside and through the cities of America.
As I made the turn onto the frontage road along the busiest shopping center in town, I noticed two police vehicles in the parking lot.  One was a cruiser with black wheels and the new, aggressive paint scheme.  The other was a black SUV with a light bar on top.  I rolled through the parking lot in a Pavlovian state of mind, thinking about the delicious wings they serve and the beautiful and cheerful servers they have with this biker-friendly franchise.
Then I remembered Waco.  A wave of trepidation swept through me.  I looked around for snipers on the rooftops, and other police vehicles that might be parked nearby at the ready.  I saw two more, parked with their driver side doors facing eachother.  Then, I looked over to the mall side of the parking lot, and I noticed an elevated police observation tower than had been raised up with its blacked out windows.

Cop and His Supportive Wife Charged for Locking Children in Room for Years, Tortured and Starved Them

HABERSHAM COUNTY– A police chief and his supportive wife have been named in a disturbing report involving the torture and abuse of four children.
Officer Richard Burton and his Wife Cheryle were charged with 28 counts of child cruelty, and Officer Burton himself was also charged with child molestation.

Because they pleaded guilty to four of the 28 counts of child cruelty, a deal was struck resulting in all of the other charges being dropped as if nothing happened. Even the child molestation charge was dropped.
The officer and his wife kept four helpless children locked in a room for years, and barely fed the children.
Amazingly, they are getting only 10 years on probation, and will only have to be in jail for 25 weekends.

'Pay to stay': Inmates across U.S. charged for their own incarceration

Nearly every state lets prisons and jails charge inmates for their own incarceration — room, board, clothing, and doctor's visits — in a phenomenon called "pay to stay."
We don't know exactly how many prisons and jails take advantage of "pay to stay." The latest survey, in 2005, found that 90 percent of jails surveyed charged inmates fees of one kind of another. In an era of tight budgets, the practice is probably even more widespread today.
The Brennan Center for Justice, a criminal justice reform think tank, put together an analysis of what pay-to-stay laws are on the books in every state. If you're interested in what your state's laws are, you can check out this nifty interactive map on their website. But spoiler alert: your state almost certainly has pay-to-stay.
read more here:

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Life on a fast food worker's salary: Struggles of surviving on a minimum wage documented in bleak photo diaries

I,Too, Am America' is a photographic exhibit that shows the lives of minimum wage workers in order to promote the fight for higher wages

  • In collaboration with photojournalist Steve Hebert, 16 fast-food workers took more than  4,000 photos on their phones 
  • The pictures document their life at work and home, showing the long hours and financial hardships these people face
  • Project comes as fast-food workers across the nation are fighting for higher wages 
  • ‘This baby won’t stop breathing!’: Abortionist strangled baby born alive while nurses stood and watched

    ( - In 1977, abortion was legal throughout the country during all nine months of pregnancy. When an obstetrician/gynecologist told teenager “Mary W” that she was 28 weeks pregnant, he suggested that she give the baby up for adoption, as few doctors in the area were willing to perform abortions that late.
    But Mary was determined, and she managed to find an abortionist – Dr. William Baxter Waddill. On March 2, 1977, Mary arrived at Westminster Community Hospital for a saline abortion.
    Saline abortions are seldom performed today because of the danger to the mother and the possibility of live births, but in the 1970s and ’80s, they were very common. They were generally used to end pregnancies towards the end of the second trimester.
    In a saline abortion, a caustic saline solution is injected into the woman’s uterus. It slowly burns and poisons the baby, and then the woman goes through labor, “giving birth” to a usually dead child.

    Pro-Kiev Militants Hang Man And His Pregnant Wife [VIDEO]

    Another shocking video has surfaced of US-trained and supported pro-Kiev, neo-Nazi fighters, executing a militia man and his very pregnant wife.