Monday, December 29, 2014

Char-Em School District; Teacher not worthy of teaching.

A teacher in the Char-Em school district hasn’t been very good at teaching. She is out of school more than she is in.

The school has been receiving quite a few complaints about this female teacher, saying how they don’t feel like they’re learning. If a student is sick, and asks her what they missed, all she would reply is “It’s on my website.”
Her website, consisting of “inspirational videos” that the students have to watch and reflect about in their journal, contains no dates or topic. It’s unorganized, and it has things for all different classes.
Her Spanish II class doesn’t feel like they’re learning. They’ve tried many different procedures. She tells those students to use the textbook, when there isn’t enough for the whole class, which only contains 9 students. Nearly all of the students want to drop that extra-curricular class for something else. “Anything else would be better than being in that class.” said one of the students.
The Spanish class took a test, on stuff they didn’t really learn about. The highest anyone got was a 60% which was just barely passing. One of the students had answers marked as wrong, when they were right, and the teacher told them that they’d have to do the test over again. This was brought up to the principal, who later exempt that test for the entire class. Another student was looking at his grades and said he was graded for something he didn’t turn in, and it was a good grade. Another student checked her grades and she failed on some things that she did turn in and was correct. This teacher was obviously picking favorites.

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