Saturday, December 27, 2014

Protest Wants Action for Man Shot Dead by Officer in Home Doorway

Justice for John Geer
Amanda Warren
Activist Post

Do you remember John Geer?

In August 2013, a man who committed no crime - his hands above his head and placed on his front doorjamb - was shot through the chest by a Fairfax County, VA officer during a lengthy discussion. Officer "John Doe" claimed that Geer had moved his hand - to ear length. Geer had had his hands up for an estimated 45 minutes ... And this is what the media referred to as a "stand-off."

Apparently, this precipitated the need for SWAT boys with an MRAP to push through the house - and take with them an amount of unreturned belongings. After nearly an hour of doing who-knows-what during this process, but certainly not calling an ambulance, they discovered what you probably already guessed - John was lying dead on the floor. Five-and-a-half hours later, he remained sprawled on the floor.

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