Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Woman Goes Undercover At An Abortion Clinic And Records A Talk With Her Doctor

December 30, 2014
This video is worth watching despite the controversy surrounding the topic of abortion. Live Action, a nonprofit organization working to end abortion, started a project called Inhuman, which seeks to expose the truth behind abortion clinics across the nation. In this video, a woman partnered with Inhuman visits a late-term abortion clinic in Phoenix, AZ, and asks Dr. Laura Mercer a series of questions about the procedure. What ensues is a gut-wrenching description of the steps doctors at the clinic would take should a faulty abortion lead to the delivery of a live baby. The video's YouTube description makes clear that the video was shot in December 2012 despite the time stamp on the camera. It's a part of a six-month investigation of abortion clinics launched by Live Action. 

According to a Live Action press release concerning the video, the nonprofit discovered illegal and barbaric methods being practiced at abortion clinics nationwide. The title of this press release reads: "Third Undercover Video Investigation Exposes Abortion Doctor and Clinic Worker Who Would Leave Babies Born Alive from Failed Abortion to Die. Six-Month Investigation Reveals Illegal, Inhuman, and Gruesome Practices at Abortion Centers across the Country." The press release goes on to explain that the findings brought to light in this video and other undercover videos reveal that many late-term abortion clinics resort to barbaric methods to terminate a fetus. 

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