Saturday, December 27, 2014

Kindness of a stranger: Man gave young dad he met in courtroom $983 so he could avoid becoming a felon after overhearing he could not afford to pay the fine

  • Castor Conley, 27, pleaded guilty to a felony for buying a stolen truck last year that he then sold to another man, who sold it for parts
  • The deputy DA agreed to classify his charge as a misdemeanor if he paid the trucks' owner $983 - but he could not come up with the money
  • As attorneys and a judge discussed his case in court in Portland, Oregon last week, another lawyer, Colin M. Murphy, overheard them talking
  • He said he knew how much a felony could affect future job and housing prospects so he told them he'd pay the money
  • Conley, who had never met the attorney, became emotional at the offer
    Generous: Castor Conley, left with his wife, was ordered to pay $983 to the owner of a stolen truck in order to avoid a felony but could not pay up. An attorney, Colin M. Murphy, right, overheard and offered the money

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