Friday, December 26, 2014

Proof! No Planes Used On 9/11!

John Lear begins talking at about the 19:20 mark on the video.

In the interview talks about one of his military contacts now retired that he had talked with after 9/11.  John told his friend that he thought that they used holographic planes in the 9/11 false flag because planes could not melt into a solid steel and concrete building without wings and tails being sheared off and dropping to the street below.  His military friend agreed and told John about a time when he was driving to Sunnyvale on the Bayshore Frwy with a friend at about 8:15 am.  They both saw a large 4 engine jet flying 200 feet above them.  They knew that there was no way a plane would be flying so low and so far away from any airports.  They watched the plane for 10 more seconds and it disappeared like somebody turned off a light bulb!  John has also heard from his friends in the military that we have incredible holographic technology that is so advanced you wouldn’t believe it!

John also talked to a friend of his in Hollywood that told him about a presentation called “The Future of Television” where a man comes out on on stage and gives a presentation of what the future will  be for television.  This man then walked up and down the aisle of the auditorium and back to the stage where he concluded the presentation after about 20 minutes.  The man then polished his glasses and disappeared!  Nobody in the audience had realized that this man was in fact a hologram!

John Lear also wanted to prove that no pilot could actually hit the Trade Center because it’s very difficult to fly a large airplane to hit so precisely to hit dead center on the trade center.  So he got 6 pilots of various experience.  Some being experts at the planes supposedly used and some with the same experience as the supposed hijackers.  He got one of the best simulators in the world, got them set up 20 miles out, showed them where the twin towers were and then released them.  Nobody could hit the towers!


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