Saturday, October 17, 2015

80 year-old man held on marijuana trafficking charges busted after traffic stop—but is that really what happened?

An 80 year-old man who owns property throughout New England is facing drug trafficking and conspiracy charges related to allegations that he has been running a massive and illegal marijuana business. In addition to being an absurd waste of public resources, his prosecution raises disturbing questions about the trickle down of illegal spying from feds to local cops.
Marshall Dion's latest round of legal troubles began in June 2013, when he was subjected to what the Boston Globe calls a "chance" traffic stop on a Kansas highway. "[A] police officer pulled him over for driving 80 in a 75 m.p.h. zone," the Globe reports. "During the stop, the officer searched Dion’s beat-up pickup truck and found nearly $850,000 in cash."
But was this really an unfortunate "chance" encounter, or something else entirely?
Dion is challenging the constitutionality of the traffic stop in federal appeals court. He says that two core government claims are false: first that he was speeding, and second that he consented to a search of his car.
"There’s no way the officer could have known if I was speeding, even if I was, which I wasn’t," Dion said. "There’s no way I would have agreed to a search of my property."
This incident raises serious questions.
Was this a chance encounter? Did this Kansas law enforcement officer get lucky when he pulled Dion over? Did he have some sort of sixth cop sense that told him to search Dion's car, where he would discover nearly a million dollars cash? Or is there something more nefarious going on?

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