Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A SOLDIER’S STORY: The Horrifying Reality Of What This Administration Is Doing to Our Troops

We sit here in America, completely oblivious to the realities of the soldier in the field. We judge a man by one act of violence and presume to know all there is to know. A crazy soldier who apparently shoots his own and then himself. Over and over again, we read the story and make our petty assumptions. How could they behave like that? What evil could be going through their minds?
But what if there were told the rest of the story….
A soldier has just spent the last 72 hours on patrol searching for a high level target who has just blown up a highly sensitive building and who it is believed has plans on more destruction. This, following the previous 72 hour shift which ended with two losses of life by IED’s, one MRE and two hours of sleep if you want to call it that.
Knowing the names has made it more difficult, so to keep that at a minimum everyone is either Bob or John, or if they are particularly interesting, Oliver. It’s not for a lack of caring, but a heart can only take so much pain. There is a small band of brothers who you would die for but the new guys are all the same until they have been in country at least six months.
Having finally come in and not knowing when you are going again, with more sand in your eyes than on your boots, you tell your battle buddy you have to get a shower. He is already out. You decide that though you have heard the rumors about Iraqi troops looking for guys alone in the shower to rape for some higher level of Islamic heaven, you cannot wait. You take your necessities and make your way to the shower. You are careful to look and you circle the tent at least seven times, until finally you duck in.
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