Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Man Predicted Illuminati Would Sacrifice Lamar Odom – Says Kim Is Next

This is really creepy. Yesterday I did a search on YouTube for “Lamar Odom Ritual” just to see if anyone had made any videos about it besides “The Black Child” and I noticed one titled “Lamar Odom To Be Murdered by Illuminati in Blood Sacrifice Ritual Prediction” and it had been uploaded on YouTube A YEAR AGO in August of 2014!! So obviously that peaked my interest and I clicked on the video.. as soon as I saw the man speaking I got chills. Because I remembered this same man’s face from a year ago. (Which I’ll get to in a minute.) So I clicked on this YouTube video about Lamar Odom that was made a year ago and it’s this man saying:
“So…I’m telling you..he’s next on the list. He will be the next Illuminati sacrifice…so…I’m putting this down for the record right now…I know some things about the illuminati…and I’m telling you….this guy is the next one on the list…so…don’t be surprised when he’s taken from this world…see ya.”
INTERESTING VIDEOS AND MUCH MORE AT LINK:http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2015/10/man-predicted-illuminati-would-sacrifice-lamar-odom-says-kim-is-next-3231008.html

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