Sunday, October 18, 2015

No One Needs A Parasite (Language Warning)

It is only the parasite that requires a host to prey upon.
In case you haven't noticed, Land of the Parasite is exactly what North America has become.
This is not a rant against destitute folks on welfare, or those obtaining 'free stuff' from the government in order to eat.
This is a rant against the biggest parasites of all, the organized crime syndicate which parasites over all of North America and the corporate welfare (extortion payments) the beast demands.
The parasite is known as Corporate Fascism.
Corporate Fascism has destroyed the usa and it's minions are hell bent on destroying the entire planet.
And you call them 'leaders'?
There is something wrong with your brain...
Everyday existence in North America is spent serving the whims of an insane, demented, profiteering corporatism. 

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