Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Numerous qualified individuals are now openly questioning the findings of NIST prepared for the USG regarding the collapse of buildings at the World Trade Center. As an explosives and explosion expert for my entire professional career, currently I am 75, I note events which can only be associated with energetic materials. I have just returned from a 4 week visit to Russia where I met with colleagues and attended meetings. Many of them noted that on 12 September 2001 that they had concluded the use of explosives.  I have associated with the Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth, www.ae911truth.org There are numerous other similar and capable organizations. On their site you can find considerable relevant information, but I have selected two good ones, and they are noted below. Should you find this information to be of interest I would be glad to visit with you and share my insights. There are too many indications that the WTC events were controlled demolitions. The Pentagon and Shanksville also were not normal aircraft crashes.  It is my opinion that many of America's current problems originate with the 911 events.  It created the lengthy and expensive perpetual "War on Terror".This matter is now nibbling at the presidential campaigns. When this situation is verified it will certainly result in throwing the bastards out!. While the YouTubes may be long they are important. Thank You.

He places blame.
Christopher Bollyn - Solving 9-11 - The Los Angeles Session

The NYFD production of this year. They are no dummies and were decimated.

C. William Kauffman
Professor, Retired, Department of Aerospace Engineering,
University of Michigan
President, Explosion Research and
Investigation Corporation

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The law enforcement, judicial, legal, and political systems are a failure.
Many individuals within this system are corrupt as they have been bought.
Criminals are not prosecuted and victims suffer.
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