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Charlevoix County Prosecutor Allen Telgenhof and The Michigan Attorney General's Office
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     Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette Charlevoix Prosecutor
Allen Telgenhof
FACTS: - Telgenhof does not file paper work in violation of election law.
                               -  Citizen sends in Complaint to Schuette’s Office
       -  Schuette’s Criminal Division Chief Richard Cunningham calls Telgenhof to tell him about the investigation and to file his paperwork.
-  Telgenhof admits to newspaper and County Board that he did not file his                paperwork.
       - Telgenhof files his paperwork under penalty of perjury claiming that all of  his campaign finance reports are filed.
-  Telgenhof is then investigated by the Elections Bureau and fined $1,500    for not having filed required reports.
      - A second request for investigation is sent to Schuette in July of 2014
      - Cunningham again denies this request.
      -   Schuette asks Telgenhof for his “support” in his re-election of 2014.
-  Schuette puts out a media release in October 2014 showing Telgenhof’s    name as a “supporter” of Schuette.  


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Michigan Attorney General’s website boasts:   Public Integrity tab

In February 2011, Attorney General Schuette created a new Public Integrity Unit to ramp up the fight against corruption in state and local government, protect tax dollars and restore the public's trust in government.  Upon taking office, Schuette identified public corruption cases as a priority. The Public Integrity Unit heightens the focus on public corruption cases handled by the Office of Attorney General, working closely with local, state and federal law enforcement to uncover and prosecute crimes at all level of state and local government.

The website details all of the elected/public officials who have been prosecuted.  No prosecutors are listed.  Do you know that the Attorney General has supervisory power over county prosecutors?  Do you know that a complaint was sent into Schuette’s office- 2x- to prosecute Charlevoix Prosecutor Allen Telgenhof?  

Before taking office, Telgenhof was supposed to file paperwork as required by the Election Law.  He took office January 1, 2013- it was due prior to January 1, 2013.  It is a misdemeanor not to file it.  Schuette’s office did not prosecute him; the AG’s office just called Telgenhof and told him of the investigation and to file the report.  Telgenhof admitted this to the newspaper and the County Board. Telgenhof filed it on October 29, 2013.  

This is Telgenhof’s date-stamped filing- almost 11 months late.   The AG’s office stated that they were denying bringing criminal charges against a “sitting prosecutor.”  
Not only did the AG not prosecute Telgenhof but he used Telgenhof’s position as one of the “prosecutors” who supported Schuette for his re-election.  Can you smell a rat?

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Michigan receives an “F” in State Integrity Investigation

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