Sunday, March 13, 2016

Barack Goes Ballistic

In whatever form it takes, authoritarianism is often identified by the unrelenting desire on the part of a leader to eliminate his or her adversaries.  And while Iran and Obama purport to have two very different worldviews, both are religious in fervor when dealing with those who deviate from the faith.
In Iran there are mullahs who safeguard Islam’s sacred law, in America there is a president who thinks he is a law unto himself.  Iran wants to nuke Israel and the U.S., and Obama is nuking the Constitution.
That’s why the news that Attorney General Loretta Lynch reviewed the possibility of pursuing civil action against climate change skeptics (“deniers”)  was as disturbing as the report that Iran recently tested two ballistic missiles.
Most would agree that it is easy to identify what motivates the theocratic Islamic Republic of Iran.
For starters, Iran is zealous in its hatred for America, the country led by a Muslim-sympathizing president that agreed to help the genocidal terrorist state acquire an atomic bomb.  The $150 billion check Obama dropped in the mail to Tehran ensures that, in the future, our mortal enemy will possess the means to repay our generosity by turning a third of the earth’s water into Wormwood.

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