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Antrim County Confidential

Apparently someone messed with my Google Docs when we were hacked a while back, so I will post entire text for easier reading.



                                                     TABLE OF CONTENTS

                        1. Introduction And Outline Of Contents

                        2. Operation Awareness

                        3. Branded For Life

                        4. Torture Called Treatment

                        5. Freedom Of Speech

                        6. Our Illegal Eviction Antrim County

                        7. Governor Granholm's Office

                        8. Dennis Mikko

                        9. Jere Clark

                        10. Senator Nancy Schaeffer Murdered

 11. Miscellaneous – More Nepotism, Northern Michigan Connections to Satanism,       Beaver Island and Fox Island Child Pornography

Note: Most of this information comes from different websites and emails, and as such, the formatting of the text and the contents of the text can be strange in places. Please disregard these discrepancies as they are irrelevant.

                        1. Introduction And Outline Of Contents

  I have had the misfortune of finding myself in the cross hairs of Antrim and Grand Traverse County Child Protective Services - a misnomer. They legally kidnap children for profit and sexual pleasure.

  I have been fighting these agencies since 1999, when I was illegally and retroactively charged with the Binsfeld Legislation. Because nobody would help me I started to save news articles regarding the wrongdoing and dysfunction in our family court - including child pornography.

 I was harassed by these agencies for five years, resulting in my 11 year old son being locked up in a psychiatric hospital, drugged against his will and sexually tortured for 17 months after being locked in juvenile detention first for four months.

To add insult to injury, my child was placed on the sex offender registry and we were told that he would have to register quarterly for 25 years to life.

 Because nobody would help me and we were running out of time to petition the court to remove my son from the SOR, I put our story on the internet. I also decided that if we had to shame ourselves by reporting quarterly to the sheriff's department then I was going to humiliate these people as well.

 I went on our local message boards ( Chain O' Lakes Internet) and unloaded my evidence in a thread I titled Torture Called Treatment. My thread was eventually removed. I called COLI to find out why and was told that it was offensive.  

 I started a new thread called Freedom Of Speech and posted some more information. I tried to retrieve some of the news articles regarding our corrupt local officials only to find that they have also been removed from the archives of the Traverse City Record Eagle.

  As time went on, my original  Torture Called Treatment thread was automatically archived and I was able to retrieve all of the information. I also posted the link again on my Freedom Of Speech thread where it remained for a few weeks before someone noticed and they shut down the message boards for good.

  We have since filed a Federal Civil Rights lawsuit . Antrim County's most recent attack resulted in my family being illegally evicted last October. 

  We were given 72 hours to pack up 8 years of living. We were forced to leave behind possessions and a big mess.

 There have been stories going back for years regarding the sexual abuse of state wards by their state payed captors in the area but nothing has ever been investigated in any meaningful way.

  I have included a couple of cases that have been verified. My email to the governor's office clearly gave them more than adequate evidence to speak with the victim.

  The recent arrest of Jere Clark speaks for itself. The victim can easily be contacted.

  There are also rumors of underground sex rooms and tunnels under the old Antrim County courthouse and Bellaire Bar.

  I have also included information regarding the murder of my hero Senator Nancy Schaeffer who lost her life trying to hp these poor kids.

 This is just a small portion of the information available.

 God Bless the children and help us all in our fight against evil. 

NOTE: Anytime Jim or Ben is mentioned it is referring to my son. Sandy is myself.

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