Sunday, March 20, 2016

Foreign Troops Arrive In Texas to Prepare for the Coming Civil War

I have a proven confidential source which told me early in the week that foreign troops were arriving in Texas to prepare for the coming civil war. And what specifically are they doing, they will be participating in the UWEX 16 war game which is designed to (1) extract dissidents; (2) engage rogue American military unit who are not on board with the new agenda of the new management which will soon be taking up residence in the White House. Presumably, we are talking about a Clinton presidency. 
I decided to sit on this revelation until the commencement of UWEX 16 next week, or until I received on the ground confirmation. Last night, I received confirmation from eye witness at Camp Bullus in Texas. The person is a civilian contractor and had personal contact with several of these invdividuals at an eatery on the base. They were wearing American military units, but were speaking several foreign language. My source said that some troops will come in other the UN flag and some will be brought under the NATO command. I contend that that they have been here since at least last fall. Why should I believe these 2 accounts? Because I warned America about this last fall. Here is some of what I reported late last fall. 

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