Friday, March 11, 2016

How Will Americans Respond to Trump’s Assassination?

When Robert F. Kennedy was murdered in 1968, after winning the California Democratic Primary, the elite had very specific and desperate reasons for wanting him dead.
  1. Due to his position as U.S. Attorney General, he would have known exactly where to reopen the assassination investigation regarding his brother’s assassination.
  2. The warmongering financial cash cow, courtesy of the US taxpayer would have ended with our immediate withdrawal from Vietnam.
  3. The infamous oil depletion tax break would be forever safe if Bobby was killed.
  4. With regard to the phony need for a country destroying arms race, could continue unabated. The Russians would forever remain the great “boogey man” threat and would not be replaced as an excuse or the military industrial complex until terrorism was created and on and on it goes.

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