Sunday, March 20, 2016

Local Official: Alarm over very sick animals washing ashore in Alaska — Fish bleeding from face, bloody entrails coming out of body — “We are very much aware of the possibility of radiation from Fukushima affecting ocean life” (PHOTOS)

Janet Mitchell, City Administrator for Kivalina City Council, with Replogle Swan, Kivalina Search and Rescue, Nov 3, 2015 (emphasis added): Arctic char with Saprolegnia mold – Kivalina, Alaska – I have an interest in the health of the sea mammals because of the Fukushima disaster… even if the foods we eat from the ocean may not be affected, they do migrate through the bodies of water surrounding Alaska so we do have cause for concern… We have noticed baby seals washing ashore because they are too weak to swim for lengths of time. There are walruses that come to shore also from beingso sick. My brother shot a walrus last summer that wasso skinny, we were very alarmed at it’s condition. Baby walruses come ashore… alone. We do not know if they survive… Pt. Hope also reports very sick walruses summer time… [T]he most recent discovery was a rainbow trout brought to the city office… I’ve attached photos of the very sick fish… the bloody entrails were exiting out and it was also bleeding through the mouth. There were the beginnings of lesions on the skin… We are very much aware of the possibility of radiation from Fukushima affecting the ocean life but we realize there are other possibilities.

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