Wednesday, March 9, 2016

No, a Toddler Did Not Die of Meningitis After Treatment with Maple Syrup- HealthNutNews

The Stephan family. Ezekiel will always be in their hearts. Source: Prayers for EzekielFacebook page
Health Nut News Editor comments by Erin Elizabeth The Stephan family has contacted me, and I communicated with Collet Stephan- Ezekial’s mom. Here is their story which is very different than the piece portrayed in mainstream news. 
Health Impact News Editor Comments
As we have reported frequently here at Health Impact News, State governments in the U.S. and countries around the world are trying to eliminate vaccine exemptions, and make all vaccinations mandatory, by force if necessary.
In those situations where legislative efforts fail, could vaccine extremists now have a different strategy by using the courts to prosecute parents who choose to not vaccinate their children, and then later their child comes in contact with an illness from which there is a vaccine in the market to allegedly prevent? If a child is found to have contracted chickenpox, for example, and their parents had chosen not to administer the chickenpox vaccine believing that natural immunity was better than the vaccine, could the threat of being criminally prosecuted for failing to vaccinate become a de facto method of forcing everyone to comply with mandatory vaccines?
In this report out of Canada, this exact scenario is being tried in the courts this week, where the tragic death of one family’s child is viewed by some as setting a precedent for the extremist pro-vaccine lobby. The Stephan family, leaders in the alternative health field in Canada, face time in prison and the removal of their remaining children for simply refusing to vaccinate their child who later died in a hospital that failed to save him. The authorities want the court to rule his death was preventable by a simple vaccine, something that could never be proven scientifically.

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