Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Truth About What REALLY Happened At the Chicago Trump Rally

The savage, Soros-funded roaches were out in full force tonight in Chicago, the murder capital of the United States – and now an aggressively anti-First Amendment zone.
‘Chi-Raq’ is also renowned for operating under the dirtiest, most corrupt politics in the nation, having as home base for everyone from Al Capone to Saul Alinsky to Barack Obama. Undoubtedly, the rabid mobs that attacked Donald Trump supporters knew they would most likely face minimal backlash, as the denizens operate within some of the strictest, most unconstitutional firearms laws in existence.
George Soros and his ilk – including losers like the crack-dealing Jay-Zero and his slithering, anti-police black mamba of a co-conspirator and wife, Beyonce Knowles – have been pouring tens of millions of dollars into the ‘Black Lives Matter’ Cultural Marxist movement. Last summer, the rank-and-file of this race-supremacist movement (and their non-black cuck-servants) engaged heavily armored riot police in fierce battle. This year they have thousands of patriotic Americans, waiting in long lines in the streets, on which to prey.

I knew that the first of Trump’s grueling rally double-header would get ugly, as it was held in St. Louis, Missouri – just a short drive from its BlackLootersMatter-devastated suburb of Ferguson. Dozens were arrested at the event, as Soros’ brown shirts and provocateurs stomped American flags and cursed out attendees. But this was nothing compared to what would later play out in the Windy City.

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