Friday, March 18, 2016

‘THEY’ KNEW it would come to this… Why do you think the CAMPS were built? The Establishment's plan for dissidents who will protest a forced Presidential Election outcome

(INTELLIHUB) — They knew it would one day come to this. They knew that they would one day have to use ‘Plan B.’ And by “they” — I mean key members of the Establishment — one’s that are ran by the New World Order, the powers-that-be or whatever you want to call them — the people in power.

You see they didn’t build the FEMA camps for nothing, nor did they pass provisions to allow foreign troops to police American Citizens at a time of unrest or during a ‘National Emergency’ for nothing — it was all for a reason.
The camps were originally authorized to be built under “Readiness Exercise 1984” or “REX 84” for short, a covert government operation initiated during the Regan Administration, headed up by Oliver North and a few others, REX 84 would rival other sinister government response plans like “GARDEN PLOT.” But what made REX 84 so different is the fact that ‘concentration camps’ were actually constructed throughout parts of the country under the guise that the camps may need to be activated one day in the future if a mass exodus of illegal immigrants flooded into the United States or something similar was to occur.

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