Friday, May 20, 2016

Mad Angel: Former Foster Child Now Parent is Creating an Army of Victims to Fight CPS

May is National Foster Care Month, and as many of our readers know, foster care is often not in the “best interests” of children. Too often, children are ripped from loving homes over false allegations or absurd reasons and placed in homes with strangers. Health Impact News has reported numerous stories of children who are placed into foster care who never should have been removed from their families. The system they are placed within often fails to protect those children, and instead often causes great harm, as former foster child Angelia Borths explains.
Angelia Borths had her children seized by Child Protective Services and placed into foster care once simply because her 6 year old daughter was “too short.” Though the headline looked like it could have been ripped from a satire or spoof website, it was all too real.
Fortunately, Angelia, or “Mad Angel” as she is known to thousands of her followers online, was able to regain custody of her children after the case with the absurd allegations was dropped.
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