Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Feminization of the US Military is Nearly Complete

The US Military has crossed the Rubicon and is spiraling into a whirlpool of doom and disaster on the land, on the seas and in the air.
Mission accomplished Cultural Marxists and Feminists. With the help of our Socialist Commander in Chief you’ve succeeded in achieving your goals of destroying our beloved and glorious military beyond your wildest dreams.
What started with ideas spouted by crazies like Gloria Steinem in the 70’s, Patricia Schroeder in the 80’s and Claudia Kennedy in the 90’s, the feminist destruction derby of the last great male, macho culture in American society is on virtual steroids in 2016.
Our enemies know we are weak and getting weaker. There is not a day that goes by where the United States is not being threatened by China, Iran, Russia, ISIS or North Korea.
Our enemies know that our military is suffering from readiness issues, low morale and desperately lacking that indefinable, but essential quality known as fighting spirit.

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