Wednesday, May 25, 2016

WHY WAS HILLARY TRYING TO REACH VINCE FOSTER ON DAY HE DIED? Clinton made 3 calls but has never explained urgent efforts to contact him

GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump thrust the name of Vince Foster back into the spotlight Tuesday more than two decades after his case was ruled a suicide, saying the Clinton aide’s death in 1993 was “fishy” and deserved to be taken “very seriously.”
And that’s a sore spot in the campaign of rival Democratic Party front-runner Hillary Clinton. So sore, in fact, that in February when WND emailed questions to the Clinton campaign about an investigative piece it was preparing on Foster’s death, the campaign refused to respond.


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  1. Call #1) Hello, Vince? Stay where you are Vince, there's a big surprise coming!
    Call #2) Hello, Vince? Still there? Good. Stay put Vince, your surprise is almost there!
    Call #3) Hello, Vince? Vince? Vince? ... No?
    Good.. you got your surprise!