Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Another Pervert In A Position Of Power Here In Northern Michigan - Crawford County Prosecutor Under Investigation Over Claims of Misconduct in Office

The charges against the Crawford County prosecutor are misconduct in office and dereliction of duties.
State Police say the type of misconduct is sexual misconduct and being with others as they use illegal controlled substances.

“It is just a perpetual mess that is created when you don’t have that sort of trust.”
Northern Michigan's News Leader is following developing news Tuesday night out of Crawford County.
The prosecutor is under investigation over allegations of misconduct in office.
State police began investigating Everette Ayers back in January.
That's when a woman told troopers he romantically approached her, while she was on probation.
Ayers is the prosecutor for Crawford County.
Now state police are saying this case could go deeper.
9&10's David Lyden spoke to state police about the investigation.
State police tell us they have requested criminal charges of misconduct of an official and a breach of duty.
The whole investigation started back in January when that woman came forward and as state police dug deeper they learned this might not have been the only incident.
Their report is now being reviewed by the attorney general who will determine if there is enough evidence to issue criminal charges and if any sexual favors were exchanged for favors in court.

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