Thursday, June 30, 2016

Victim Impact Statement From a Case in Charlevoix County - Prosecutor Allegedly Allowed Pepetrator To Flee the Country Before Justice Could Be Served

November 10, 2014

 Dear Your Honor, I am writing to you today to let you know how Cuong Phu Nguyen has impacted my son Benjamin David Tran and myself Leyna Tran. I have known Mr Nguyen for 15 yrs and through those years have stayed in touch. It was in 2013 our relationship became more than friends. At that time I invited him to America for a visit in October. He divorced his wife in September of 2013. After his trip in October we explored the possibility of becoming a family. I was in love with Mr Nguyen and he expressed the same feelings for me. 

After his visit he returned to the America in February 2014. After Valentine week, one night we had a disagreement about the way I was teaching him how to do nails. He told me to shut up and proceeded to grab my hair, dragging me through the house on my knees. I was crying because my knees were bleading and hurt. He told me to stop talking or he would hit me. Please understand, in Vietnam this is common for men to treat the women with this disregard without penalty. I was unable to tell anyone because he said he would shut me up for good. I was so frightened for my life.

 After that I found out I was pregnant and He forced me to get an abortion on March 24, 2014, He forced the medication into my vagina and waited for it to work. There are no words. I am haunted every minute of every day since this has happened.

 He told me to call the courts to schedule with the judge to legally marry us. After our marriage on March 28, 2014 he left a ½ hour later to fly to California to see his ex-wife and his kids that were arrived from Vietnam on March 29, 2014. Once again I have no words to explain my sadness and fear. He arrived back a week later only to continue with his abuse. He treated my son and I like we were nothing. I am so afraid of him. In May he punched and pushed Benjamin to the floor because he saw that he was texting his ex-wife. I told Mr. Nguyen if he hurt my son again I would call the police. He said he didn’t care. 

Benjamin was also shot in the eye with a Nurf gun when Mr. Nguyen deliberately aimed the gun into his face. In June he went to California to visit his family after his return, we were in bed and he strangled me, I couldn’t breathe and was in fear for my life. I can’t sleep and when I do I have nightmares. I am so afraid. I told him if he touched me again I would call the police. He told me I would be dead if I was in Vietnam.

 He left for Tennessee in August because he didn’t want to have a child and didn’t want his family to know I existed. He kept telling me he was in Tennessee but later I found out he was in Charlevoix from September 30, 2014 and was staying with my son’s birth father and family. Who I have had problems with in the pasted. He was seen checking my mailbox, most likely for immigration papers. I was forced to get a P.O. Box.

 He told me he had a camera in front of my house and was watching every move I made. He stated that I always look in front but never know what’s happening in the back. I can’t make a move without thinking he is stalking me. Help me please.

 My son is my only family I have in Michigan. I am in fear for our lives. I can’t sleep, eat or live with the feeling of safety if this man remains in this country. He has proven to be unworthy of an American residence. Our country has enough criminals to keep our officers busy. We don’t need another. I became an American citizen in 2005. I escaped to this country to live free with rules and laws. Mr. Ngunye is not a citizen and he brings with him 42 years of the communist ways.

 Since all this has happened I have missed work that caused me to lose clients, my son has missed a total of three weeks of school. We have had to run and hide like we did something wrong. On November 6, 2014 he violated his bond by called my sister in law to try to persuade me drop the charges. Since I can’t or would not, I am afraid of what he will do to me after he is sentenced. I pray you will PLEASE take my letter in great consideration. I understand no matter what punishment you give him will not bring back my child or the pain of our loss. I am so afraid of what Mr. Nguyen and his local Vietnamese supporters will do to me.

 Thank you so much and God bless America. Leyna Tran

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