Friday, June 24, 2016

Was Dr Kelly - Vince Fostered?

This time all those conspiracy nuts started their swim from the other side of the pond. We all know that the English are surely above intrigue and sinister deeds, just ask Roberto Calvi, you know “God’s Banker”, as he hung from Blackfriars Bridge. All those suspect and secret financial dealings with the Vatican had the Holy See distance themselves from the ‘suicide’ back in 1987.  That collapse of Banco Ambrosiano and subsequent fraudulent-bankruptcy surely couldn’t involve American Archbishop Paul Marcinkus, then president of the Institute for Religious Works (IOR), the official name of the Vatican bank. Amazing that the official story of Calvi’s death was finally rejected as the real cause of his fate.
Surely there can be no doubt about all that commotion over Vince Foster taking his own life, right? All those Yankee kooks that think the worst about Beltway spooks surely don’t have any proof that collusion was involved with Hillary’s other partner’s ‘suicide’. Who would believe those stories about him being a bag man for all those numbered accounts and frequent flyer miles in and out of Geneva? Poor old Vince left that note before he offed himself, didn’t he? Surely we all accept the facts in that Fiske report, even if it was preliminary and sealed, right? Leaks and spin always seems to bring out the best in the press and the public servants. We can believe them, only a crackpot sees a plot in every park . . .

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