Monday, October 19, 2015

Two-year-old boy found wandering Philadelphia alone at night reveals tragic truth that his entire family are sleeping in a makeshift cardboard home

  • The boy was found just before midnight and handed over to a police officer
  • He'd been sleeping with parents Angelique Roland, 27, and Michael Jones, 24, and his four-year-old sister underneath the Fairmount Park Welcome Center
  • Jones said the boy must have woken up after hearing the skateboarders and managed to open the box to chase after them 
  • The couple said they don't have money to pay rent and slept in the park that night because the shelters were full 
  • The boy and his sister were placed with Department of Human Services
  • A homeless advocacy group has since launched a $12,000 campaign to help the family reunite and afford a place of their own
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