Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Let me see if it posts bigger this time. This is Caracas today. These are hungry Venezuelans protesting that their children are dying from lack of food and medicine. That they have not enough water or electricity. This is a country with more oil than Saudi Arabia. And the government has stolen all the money and now they bottleneck peaceful protesters and threaten them with bombs (I know: I have friends in the crowd). Or haul them to prison and torture them. Are you still thrilled with your Bolivarian Revolution all you buddies of the late Hugo Chávez: Oliver Stone, Naomi Campbell, Sean Penn and the editors of The Guardian newspaper? Is this what you wanted all you idiot celebrity apologists? Are these the human rights you had in mind for us? Your silence is deafening. Stand up and be counted. Admit your mistakes and turn on the oppressors you once so vehemently supported and used your media power to enable. Why don't you go make a documentary about this, Oliver Stone?

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