Friday, May 6, 2016

Is Defeating Hillary More Important Than Electing Trump?

Bill Clinton had a nickname when he was President and it was, “Slick Willie”, which was used to describe his ability to slip off the hook when he was accused of one of his many legal transgressions from which he was never really held accountable. Hillary is proving to be much more slick than Bill could ever be. She makes Richard Nixon look honest. It is hard to tell if she is running harder, for the Presidency, or is she running harder to get away from pending charges of 36,000 national security (email) violations as well as more serious charges related to treason and an accomplice to murder.
It is my position that it is more important to keep Hillary out of the White House than it is for Donald Trump to get elected. If something were to happen to Trump, I would still be doing what I am doing because Clinton is so very dangerous to America and I am in good company with my belief on this matter.

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