Wednesday, May 11, 2016


In the Michigan town of Parma the courtroom sometimes travels to the classroom in order to teach students the basic workings of court proceedings. Jackson County District Court Judge Joseph Philip recently took one of these opportunities to regale an audience of teenagers at Western High School with a cautionary tale of marijuana and madness. It was at that point thatthe justice system presentation stopped being an educational demonstration and became an act of macabre-laced misinforming propaganda.
Judge Philip told students about Kevin ‘Kip’ Artz, who in 1999 killed his wife and cooked her in their Taco/Pizza restaurant in Parma. Artz claimed that the woman was Satan and that he had no choice, and was arrested two days later while leaving a box with her head in it on a nearby porch. In his trial he claimed to not have been in his own right mind, likely due to a recent brain tumor surgery, but was still convicted and sentenced to life. In a desperate bid to get a retrial ten years after the homicide, Artz’s lawyers claimed that their client had gone insane from smoking marijuana. The courts denied the request.

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