Monday, May 9, 2016

Michigan Teen Girl in CPS Custody Near Death – Twin Sister Pleads for Her Life

Rebecca Lopez, mother of medically kidnapped Michigan teen Leiani, was a court watcher at the St. Clair County Courthouse in support of the Odonnell family this morning. She posted on the following on the Free the Odonnell Girls from cps Facebook page:
As a court watcher it was very heartbreaking to see Alexis shackled like an animal from wrist to ankles. Why do they humiliate and degrade a child like that in public? What was the crime that she needed to be shackled down like that?
The judge did not listen to any of the facts that mom had to say which was really disappointing considering he may not know the actual status of Alexis’s current health. Wolverine failed to state to the judge with current facts on Alexis’s health as well.
Alexis appeared very thin very fragile her hair was so thin but she smiled gracefully and was so happy to see her mom.
On the positive note the mom was not gagged thank goodness that her constitutional rights were not violated on freedom of speech.
All parties involved are working diligently to get Alexis into a U of M program for the eating disorder and after completion of that to be reunified with her family.
Laura did an amazing job keeping herself gathered and kept herself professional. I’m very very proud of her. To have a mother witness how her child is being treated in a state that she pays taxes to at the least her voice should’ve been heard in all aspects, and it wasn’t.
Let’s hope that Macomb [correction – St. Clair] County keeps their word gets Alexis into a program ASAP as there is a waiting list for almost 2 months for U of M which is unacceptable considering her daughters current status. Something else or another program should be considered immediately so she can return back home in the loving and safe arms of her mother ♥️
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