Thursday, May 5, 2016

Monsanto loses... Ted Cruz OUT!

(NaturalNews) Ted Cruz, the Republican presidential candidate who characterized opposition to genetically engineered crops as "anti-science zealotry" has thrown in the towel. He's out! And like most Natural News readers, we are happy that a pro-Monsanto candidate has left the race (although we did really like Cruz's knowledge of the law and the Constitution).

Ted Cruz positioned his campaign as an "outsider," but he was fueled by insider money and insider interests all along. Ultimately, he got "out-outsided" by the ultimate outsider, Donald Trump. "From the start, Cruz had premised his candidacy on the idea that 2016 would be an election driven by resentment toward the established GOP order. It was a strategy that looked prescient as Cruz steadily rose in the polls throughout 2015 and broke into the top tier in Iowa in early 2016," reports Politico. "But what Cruz did not expect is that he would be outmatched in outsider anger by Trump."

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