Wednesday, May 4, 2016

NY Times: Candles May Have Caused Fire That Gutted Serbian Church, Officials Say

This Sunday just past, May 1st, marked high holy days for two competing forces that have battled for centuries. For Eastern Orthodox Christians (Russians, Serbians, Greeks etc), Easter Sunday fell on May 1st this year -- a rare occurrence for an astronomy-based holiday which is usually set for April.
Also celebrating May 1st, as they do every year, are the atheistic forces of world Communism / Globalism. Though most everyone understands the historical significance of "May Day" to the degenerate demonic Left, few understand that the date represents the 1776 founding of the virulently anti-Christian, pro-Communist "Illuminati" by Adam Weishaupt (cough cough) in the German region of Bavaria. Satanists also regard May 1 as a "holiday." (here)

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