Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Plan B To Stop the Trump Movement Is In Effect

The vast majority of us in the Independent Media are thrilled that Donald Trump is the “presumptive” nominee for the GOP in the upcoming Presidential race. However, as I privately speak to my media colleagues, to some degree, we all have the same foreboding. What should be a time of celebration combined with the hard work of getting ready for the challenges of getting ready to defeat the American Hitler of our time, Hillary Clinton, we instead are worried about what is coming.
I knew the moments that Trump appears to have won, that our real challenges would come our way. It is in that perspective that I figured out why Donald Trump has not been assassinated as was RFK at his high water mark. Magically, and perhaps spiritually Trump has united a country around not accepting leadership that doesn’t put Americans first. This means stopping the devastating impacts of free trade agreements, stopping the inherent dangers associated with an unsupervised refugee-resettlement program, etc., etc.

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