Monday, May 9, 2016

Rat-Faced Lies - The Zio-Media Attack On Donald Trump

Every day there is another attack on Donald Trump in the so-called 'mainstream media' (MSM), otherwise known as the 'lame stream' or the Zionist owned and controlled corporate media...arguably the Fourth Branch of the US Government.  We could just call it the Ministry of Propaganda and Mass Mind Control.

This is the pattern we see:
MSM describes one or another of Trump's political, international or economic policies as incompetent and dangerous-- “Trump has no experience and just doesn't know what he's doing!”  News articles cite lots of experts with names like “Greenbloat,” “Steinbilge” or “Goldstooge.”

Translation: The notorious, corrupt rats and rat-faced jewish neocons in the US government matrix and global establishment, along with the international criminal cabal of elites who are benefiting from the present status quo, are scurrying around the ship's deck, desperate to protect their corrupt cash cow fiefdoms and criminal money empires...from a healthy ship-burning to clear out the stench of pig and rat feces.
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