Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Shannon DeBacker & Janna Lewis Multi-Million Dollar Corruption Story

Published on May 10, 2016
This intense segment covers the story of Shannon DeBacker, a woman who has been victimized by the Wayne County circuit court, family court, friend of the court, and CPS system for the past seven years. Her story began with the filing of a medical malpractice lawsuit, after the medical community in Michigan completely botched the delivery of her newborn baby in 2009, causing the child Janna to be first born clinically dead; and then revived only to such extent that the child will have the most severe form of cerebral palsy for the rest of her life.
Shannon’s story is about a multi-million dollar case against doctors and a hospital, a case which was subsequently ransacked and railroaded when the local government – being judges, child protective services, friend of the court, and CPS – decided to get involved and work with the hospitals, to drive a wedge between the severely disabled child and her parents, so to take over the child’s yet unsettled trust estate, by making BOTH parents appear incompetent to manage the exceptionally large financial purse of the child needed for the rest of the Janna’s natural life. 

This video picks up from a story recently published by the Voice of Detroit independent online newspaper. The article, posted the evening of Sunday, May 1st, 2016, was a joint writing venture of Cornell Squires, founder of We The People for the People, who is co-founder of RICO Busters along with investigative journalist David Schied, which is me. It told of how, just the previous Friday in court, Shannon DeBacker’s mother watched with horror as Shannon was treated with contempt by a judge charging HER with contempt and having her bound in handcuffs in shackles, and taken from the courtroom to jail for that entire weekend. It was the first time that Shannon had ever been charged or jailed for anything; and it was because she had long been trying to expose that the child’s father – a man with a diagnosis of schizophrenia and long history of reported violence and criminal arrests – was a sexual predator doing unconscionable things to his own disabled daughter.

So why aren’t the agents of the Charter County of Wayne and/or the State of Michigan doing anything substantive about these heinous crimes, and instead attempting to label Shannon DeBacker as some type of mental case and unfit mother? The answers we are finding point to plain and simple greed of those running "the system."

Disclaimer: Those depicted in this video are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a competent court of law. The problem is that competent courts of law are few and far between in America, and have apparently been taken over in Wayne County, Michigan by domestic terrorists not unlike those found by Congress to be poisoning the populace of Flint.

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