Sunday, May 1, 2016

Washington Post: (George Will Column): If Trump is Nominated, the GOP Must Keep Him Out of the White House

Sulzberger's Slimes catches a break today as we instead rebut a George Will column appearing in his home-base paper, The Washington Compost, and syndicated nationally in 450 other newspapers. Yes indeed, the Judeo-Globalist New World Order Mafia has been very good to the "conservative" George Will.  It was Katherine Meyer Graham (cough cough) that dubbed Georgie-girl as the official "house conservative" of the Washington Compost in 1974 -- a true powerhouse newspaper that had been purchased by her daddy, former Federal Reserve Chairman Eugene Myer, in 1933.
It was Katherine's Commie-Globalist gal-pal, Meg Greenfield (cough cough), who gave the erudite egghead of all eggheads a permanent column at Newsweek Magazine -- back when Newsweek had a very large readership.
It was ABC News President Roone Arledge (possible cough cough from his mother's side, Gertrude Stritmater)that placed the slippery sophist on the original talking-head panel of This Week With David Brinkley in 1981 -- now known simply as This Week.

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