Tuesday, May 10, 2016

What kind of nation drafts women and sends them to war?

A nation that drafts women and sends them to war is in its death throes.
A nation that drafts women and sends them to war has lost its moral compass.
What kind of nation subjects mothers, daughters, wives and sisters to a military draft where they could be placed in a direct ground combat unit?
It is a nation that is spiritually bankrupt; spent, doomed and with military and civilian leaders who are either uninformed, desperate, cowards or all three.
The naysayers will state that the Soviet Union had women in combat in World War II, particularly as snipers. Yes, they did. The Soviet Union was also in mortal peril as the German Army rolled through the country in the Summer of 1941. On December 2nd, a German reconnaissance battalion reached the village of Khimki, just five miles from Moscow. The Kremlin could be seen in the distance. Then, it started snowing, the temperatures dropped to 35 below zero and Stalin counter-attacked.

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