Thursday, June 9, 2016

Another NASA Scientist Dies - Signs Emerge The Elite Are Preparing Their Outer Space 'Bug-Outs' Or Preparing To Move Their Headquarters 'Off Planet'

According to this new story from Fox 5 News in Washington DC and the head of DC Homeland Security, people who live and work in our nations capital should have an evacuation plan in place to get out in case of a natural disaster or terrorist attack. Such advice is good, common sense, we'll be the first to admit, so, should we be surprised to learn that 'the elite' may have such a plan as well... to evacuate planet Earth in times of peril? And why are we now seeing the sudden push for DC evacuation plans?

In an bizarre flashback to a story from July 2010 and that takes on much greater meaning in this 2016 world that we are now living in we were told that the head of NASA caused quite a stir back in 2010 when he said his foremost task as the head of the American space program was 'to reach out to the Muslim world and make them feel good' about their contributions to science, math and engineering. Nowhere did NASA head Charles Bolden talk about 'space exploration' being one of his primary job functions and the fact that this administration has seemingly turned our space program into a Muslim outreach program was not lost upon those paying attention way back then. 

The fact that there have now been at least 6 different times when members of the Obama administration have stated that their primary job was to promote Islam leads us to a much better understanding of 'Obama's America'. It also helps us to understand both the failures of the US space program in recent years as well as the resurgence in the interest in space travel by some of the 'ultra rich' as detailed within this story. However, we also have to ask, is the 'elites' interest in outerspace based upon 'space exploration' or 'space exploitation'? The new Infowars video below takes it one step further - 'are the elite planning on bugging out to outer space' or are they planning Earthly domination from space, moving their headquarters off planet? 

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