Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Bill Clinton Pardoned His Brother in Huge Cocaine Conspiracy — Now He’s In Jail Again

In the ongoing saga of drama surrounding the Clintons, Bill’s brother Roger was arrested for drunk driving in Southern California — one day before Hillary runs in that state’s primary.
After being stopped by authorities in Redondo Beach, Roger Clinton reportedly refused to allow authorities to test his blood alcohol content, and remains behind bars with a bail set for $15,000.
Though his arrest will undoubtedly cause issues for Hillary Clinton in California, the more controversial issue surrounds Bill Clinton’s pardoning of his brother — on January 20, 2001 — the very day he left office.
Roger’s crime? In the mid-1980s, he was arrested after selling cocaine to an undercover police officer. But that’s not all.
Dan Lasater, close friend of Bill, served time with Roger for cocaine-related crimes. But according to testimony, to say they were “selling” cocaine would be an extreme understatement.

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