Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Cop Rapes Woman in Jail, When Supervisors See Video, They Threaten to Kill Her, Offer Her a Taco

McCallen, TX — A woman’s stay in jail for an alleged misdemeanor probation violation turned into a nightmare after she was repeatedly raped, on video, and the officers who saw it, covered it up and threatened to kill her if she talked.
The woman, identified in court documents as A.R., has since filed a lawsuit after the officer who raped her was sentenced to prison for official oppression.
On May 29, 2014, A.R. was picked up by La Joya police officers for a misdemeanor probation violation and booked into the La Joy City Jail. While the other officers were out on patrol, Felipe Santiago Peralez entered her cell and conducted an “all-night invasion” of her body, according to court documents.

Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/cop-rapes-woman-jail-supervisors-video-threaten-kill-her-offer-taco/#V7zJUiwY4cOHPefK.99

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