Sunday, June 12, 2016

First Suggestion the Orlando Gay Nightclub Shooting was a Drill Leading to Gun Confiscation

Although I have another post tonight on the Pulse nightclub bloodbath, the thoughts below are significant enough to be set off in a separate post.
Already, the comments sections on sites across the world are filling up with hatred toward Christians and white males. The claims are that a white male Christian nut targeted homos thus we need to exterminate Chrisitianity.
A few other comments I’ve seen say that the Muslims did it.
No one knows what’s going on, but every libturd moron on the planet is up tonight keyboarding his/her hatred of the white race, Christianity, and decency.
One commenter has already raised the possibility that the shooting is a psy op. The commenter’s handle is “Conspiracy Smurf.”
Another drill? Maybe. Mass shooting at a gay bar and there is a hostage situation. I question the validity because as the shooter opened fire the restauraunt the club took a moment to update their FB page tellingeveryone to “run and keep running”…because it makes perfect sense that if you are there in the club and shooting is happening you are going to be checking your Facebook. Right? Then the cops “warned” (per cnn article) everyone to not call or email them and that all info would come via Twitter only. (Twitter is prominent source of info in drills and exercises). Then explosions were heard but the public was told these were planned detonations by the police. Sure sounds drilly. They say bloody people are being pulled out but it’s been 3 hours and not one photo or video of any of that happening, just a few of first responders.

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