Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Negligence from Sacramento CPS resulted in 6-week-old Baby Macey being found dead in her car seat.

On March 21, of this year, Macey Clara was brought into the world. Macey’s parents decided they were not able to take care of their daughter and opted for the paternal grandmother Tracey Rhodd to take custody.
On March 25, Baby Macey went home with Rhodd, but her time with Rhodd would be short lived. Just over a week old, the Sacramento, California CPS removed the baby from the grandmother on April 1.
Rhodd was told that Baby Macey needed to be with approved foster parents. However, Rhodd was fully capable of providing care for Macey.


  1. Thank you for writing about Macey Take a look at www.facebook.com/JusticeforBabyMacey

  2. I am so sorry for your family's loss. She was a beautiful baby. We created this site to bring awareness to the public about the evil CPS and the murder of families. Our sincere condolences. Please feel free to contact us with any updates. It would be our privilege to post it for you. God Bless!