Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Cop “Well Known for Drugging & Raping Women” is Still a Licensed Police Officer

St. Louis County, MO — A Pine Lawn cop with nearly a decade of complaints, police reports, warrant filings, and testimonies against him, isn’t facing any charges and gets to maintain his license as a police officer.
Steven Blakeney was the commander of the entire Pine Lawn department up until November of last year when he was placed on suspension and finally fired in December. It took complaints from a myriad of women, claiming that they had been beaten, drugged and forcibly raped, before the department finally fired him.
However, he was only fired, Blakeney is not facing any charges and he could be hired on at another department tomorrow.
Blakeney’s sordid history dates back to his time as a bar manager in 2006. FOX 2 News obtained copies of police reports which exposed the many allegations of Blakeney drugging and raping women.

“It is well known in the bar industry that Blakeney had drugged and raped many other girls.”

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  1. This Pine Lawn cop is a filthy rapist. He uses a personal vehicle that appears to be an Official Police vehicle. He advises women that he is the "police"and he uses his firearm to intimidate his victims. This guy is the filthiest kind of preditor. He has a position of authority that affords him training and still he uses a date rape drug. THIS IS A DANGEROUS PREDITOR and his picture should be posted in every bar and restaraunt in the Metro St. Louis Area so that young woman know who he is. It is obvious that the St. Louis prosecutors are afraid of him so young women need to know this PREDATOR is out there.