Sunday, January 25, 2015

CPS Kidnapping under color of law Isabella County Michigan

To Whom all this may concern,
Approximately 180 days ago, grave injustices took place on your watch. You are being notified directly and independently to achieve your own full personal, commercial and criminal liability. Refusal to act in accordance with your oath is NOT an option. You are hereby put on notice. Notice to agent is notice to agency, notice to agency is notice to agent.

On July 23, 2014, Danielle Austin, was called and asked to be in court at 3:00p.m. that same day by CPS worker Stephanie Smith two hours prior to that hearing at approximately 1:00p.m. During that same phone call, Stephanie Smith asked Danielle Austin if she could afford a lawyer to which Danielle replied that she could not. During this same phone call, Stephanie Smith told Danielle that her children were being removed from her custody and placed with others and that Forster care for Michael Austin had already been arranged (prior to ANY hearing).
Arriving at the waiting area in the Isabella county courthouse as directed by Stephanie Smith, Danielle was approached by Tony Moses and he advised Danielle that he was her court appointed lawyer. Tony Mosses took Danielle Austin to a conference room where he pronounced the allegations being made by the state against her and that they were very very serious. (Three pages of unsigned and unsworn allegations)

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