Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Arizona Mother Speaks Out on Medical Kidnapping of Her Daughters

Time keeps moving forward for most families across the United States. For my family, it has been 14 months since both my daughters Kayla and Hannah Diegel were taken. But I remember when I followed the Justina Pelletier story. I actually was Pro-Family back then. I was already involved in a legal battle with the school. They were violating both of my daughters’ disability rights, so I contacted a pro bono lawyer from the disability law center. We were literally in the middle of fighting the school when CPS took my daughters away from me.
Although I had never home-schooled them, I had applied for homeschooling scholarships because I was tired of battling the school system. I knew I was capable of homeschooling, because I operated my own preschool for 5 years, and was educated in both business and early childhood. I received the letter that both my daughters were approved for their homeschooling scholarships for the following year, right after they were taken. Hannah was approved for a $22,000 scholarship through the state. Instead, the Phoenix Children’s Hospital and the state medically kidnapped them and made both of them unnecessarily repeat a grade.
I can see daily that time keeps moving forward, but things are clearer now, yet more hazy. They are clearer now because right from wrong has never been so obvious. But the haziness comes from me questioning humanity, and why CPS workers across our country might be taking children unnecessarily for monetary gain.
You know that “deer in the headlights” look? That jaw-dropping, “oh my gosh this can’t be happening to me” scenario? Well, it is happening to 450,000+ children a year, and nearly 700,000 parents a year. The statement, “We are here to take your kids,” isn’t a line from a movie. It is reality for many. Often times this is done without a warrant in violation of due process of law.
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