Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Cop Says He Shot Cyclist in the Back Because He was Mourning his Fellow Officer

Indio, CA — Two years ago, 23-year-old Alejandro Rendon was murdered by Indio police officer Alex Franco. Rendon was on a bicycle when Franco attempted to pull him over, reportedly for a missing headlight on the cycle.
Expert witnesses testified that the officer shot Franco in the back as he was attempting to flee, but Franco denied this, his department stood behind him, and now he walks free. He was even nice enough to allow an insurance company to foot the $1.9M bill from the settlement and court fees, after Rendon’s family sued the murderer.
Apparently Franco had good reason to shoot someone in the back, but it had nothing to do with the man he killed. He was just…sad.
According to USA Today, the day Franco killed Rendon just happened to be one day after a funeral for his coworker, officer Michael Crane, who was killed by ex-officer Chris Dorner. USA Today states, “When Franco returned to patrol the next day, he had what investigators called a heightened sense of ‘officer safety.'”

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