Monday, June 29, 2015

Parents wrongfully accused in 2013 death of their adopted son are finally cleared - but only after their own children 'suffered abuse while in foster care'

  • Buddy Cook, four, was found dead in his bedroom in Texas home in 2013
  • Parents Angel and David Cook were charged with felony injury to a child
  • But they protested innocence - and many questions surrounded the case
  • Last year, the pair's charges were dropped when new evidence emerged
  • Their seven surviving children - six biological, one adopted - came home
  • But Cooks' joy turned to horror when sons said they were abused in care
  • Family testified before Texas Sunset Advisory Commission this summer
  • However, allegations were 'investigated and no wrongdoing was found'
  • Cooks are still 'fighting for justice'; claim CPS was always against them

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