Monday, June 22, 2015

Cop Responds to Call at Woman’s Home and Rapes Her, Alleges Victim

Amarillo, TX — An Amarillo police officer has been fired after responding to a call at a woman’s house and being accused of raping her.
Officer Micah Meurer responded to a call at a 22-year-old woman’s northwest Amarillo home last Sunday night. At this time, the woman alleges that Meurer forced himself on her and raped her.
The woman described the nature of the incident as an “aggravated sexual assault rape.” Monday morning, after the alleged rape, the woman called the Amarillo police department to report Meurer.
After the accusations, Meurer was placed on paid administrative leave. However, after the forensics exam of both him and the victim confirmed there was indeed sexual contact, Meurer was fired.


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