Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Our 1st hour discussion today,...Tuesday, 7-8-14;

This past Monday,...Antrim County fruit producer Friske Orchards was "raided" at 6:00 am by 10 Blacked out SUV's filled with Border Patrol and Homeland Security agents fully armed with rifles, rammed in the front door of the "Farm House" where 10 migrant workers were arrested and hauled away!!!

Problem, all the other workers heard about this raid and walked off the farm as well. Richard Friske needs volunteers to come and help harvest the fresh ripe strawberries that are out in the field, this week and next week. Please consider volunteering immediately to help this local, family owned business.

If after being vetted and trained in the harvest process, seasonal employment and possible full time employment opportunities could result.

To help and learn more,...Please contact Friske Orchards at;

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Summer of Detentions

Patrick Sullivan - January 19th, 2015  
The Front Lines of Northern Michigan Immigrations Busts
A Catholic priest believes federal agents apprehended more undocumented migrant workers from northern Michigan last summer than ever before.
“There were a lot of people,” believes Father Wayne Dziekan of St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Traverse City. “A record since I was doing this work.”
The detentions came as U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced it would no longer target undocumented migrant workers who were not involved in some other criminal activity.
Despite this message, Dziekan said he believes ICE agents racially profiled Hispanic people and detained migrant workers who had no criminal record.
“Can I swear it in front of a judge? Well, I can swear that that’s what I was told,” Dziekan said. “From what witnesses have told me, in most cases, people were stopped by immigration just because they looked Hispanic and then, when they were found not to have valid identification, then they were taken,” he said. “We’ve had that. And that’s not supposed to happen.”
Dziekan estimates there were 30 migrant workers detained between May and October of last year, and he worked on 25 of those cases.


  1. Hmmm did the farm know they where illegal

  2. I would have to think that they did know and I wonder who paid the taxes for the illegals. The owners should be in trouble, as well.(my opinion only)